Hello there!

This is a publicly accessible Electrum Bitcoin wallet server I built 
for my own use, but please feel free to use it too. The server runs electrumx.

It supports Electrum v3 (with Segwit)

Connect to electrum2.taborsky.cz:50002 over SSL.
Also available over TOR at tzfsf2yc46zj47g6ot5wzvpoyhytnn5ks3pwf55luixe2adyi64la6yd.onion:50001

The server uses:
  ElectrumX 1.15.0
  Bitcoin Core 0.20.0


PS: Tip jar for server upkeep is bc1q4plz5vsn0aqmypsx4f3swq3zke4fw5f7rgmekx.

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